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Rajabets stepped into the world of online betting and has quickly made a name of its own. Are you one of the people looking to secure their first bet of Rajabets but want to explore what’s at stake and what else you can do on the online gambling website? Well, you have to be in the right place. Let us explore what Rajabets has to offer its customers and how it is on the rise to become one of the global competitors in the online betting and gambling industry.

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We combined the help and valued opinion of expert online gamblers and gamers to judge the credibility, quality of service, games, and promotion while reviewing Rajabets. Let us see how Rajabets stands to compete with other betting sites and what they offer, which makes them unique.

appName of Online Betting PlatformRajabets
Official Website
Licensed ByCuracao
Minimum Deposit AmountRs. 100
Minimum Withdrawal AmountRs. 1000
Minimum Withdrawal TimeUp to 3 hours
Mobile AppsAndroid App of Rajabets – Available on the website
Supported Payment MethodsDebit/Credit Cards
other major payment methods
Bonuses and PromotionsNumerous Bonuses and Promotions such as; Welcome Bonus, Cricket Free Bets, Premier League EPL Cashback and more

Cricket Betting on Rajabets

Rajabets has a special page dedicated to cricket betting, signaling that it is aware of India’s love for cricket. Upon your first venture into the online betting and gambling site, you will be met with cricket bet offers and pages that are currently happening all over the world.

What makes Rajabets a great cricket betting site and enables it to give a head-to-head competition to its other competitors in the market are supported by numerous features. Most importantly, on this website, you can bet on any official cricket name, national, international, or league, happening around the globe.

Rajabets tend to cover every major cricket game. On its top priority, there are some games that Rajabets specially caters to, such as;

  1. Indian Premier League (IPL)
  2. Cricket World Cup
  3. T20 World Cup
  4. Test Cricket Matches Between Major Countries
  5. Big Bash League
  6. Caribbean Premier League
  7. Cricket matches between India with top competitors such as England, Pakistan, etc.

Overall, taking a fair look at every aspect of cricket gambling offered at Rajabets, we can conclude that it is one of the best online betting sites for cricket in existence. Online gamblers should definitely take advantage of the greater odds of Rajabets and secure their fortunes.

How Does Rajabets Compare With Others in Cricket Betting?

Speaking of cricket betting, you must wonder what I stand to gain if I participate in cricket betting on Rajabets? What makes Rajabets a great choice of bookmaker for cricket betting is that their odds of winning compare well with betting sites in the market.

Rajabets clearly has an understanding of India’s obsession with cricket and how much Indians love to guess outcomes of cricket matches and place bets. Catering to the interests of cricket lovers, exclusively in India and for other parts of the world too, Rajabets offers a lot of odds, bonuses, markets, and more that you will not find on any other betting website.

National and international cricket matches are both hosted on Rajabets. You will see the winning predictions as well the promotions offered when a cricket match is played. You can even bet on a cricket match that is currently happening across the globe on Rajabets.

Sports Betting on Rajabets

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Besides cricket, Rajabets host online bets on several different sports such as football(soccer), tennis, basketball, ice hockey, table tennis, etc. Rajabets online betting and gambling platform hosts numerous sports leagues, which allow you as a customer to have diverse betting options. Famous soccer league games such as English Premier League, La Liga, and UEFA Champions League are online betting options on Rajabets.

You can see the number of sports along with choices of league games and more that Rajabets allows you to bet on inside their Sportsbook page. You will observe multiple tips and details on the screen that will help you place your bets wisely and win. Thus, we can conclude that Rajabets is not exclusively a cricket betting site. It offers loads of options and choices and bonuses and promotions on other global and national sports.

Casino and Live Casino on Rajabets

Rajabets is an online betting and gambling that offers you chances and options to partake in Casinos and Live Casinos on its website. When you venture inside the online gambling platform, you will see several buttons on the taskbar of Rajabets. Among them, you will notice Casino and Live Casino.

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In Casino and Live Casino webpages, you get opportunities to play popular games such as;  

You can see all these games and more when you visit the dedicated pages on the Rajabets website. These casino and slot games are a great way to make gains, especially if you are tired of betting on sports.

Rajabets Bonuses and Promotions

Rajabets have adopted the strategy of offering exciting bonuses and promotions to bring in potential customers to stay quite well. Offers along with monetary amounts are displayed on the front page of Rajabets.

Moreover, when you win some bonus or promotion offer, which will occur several times when you are betting on Rajabets, you can withdraw your money through numerous payment methods, even CryptoPay.  Let us look closely at some of the bonuses and promotions offered by Rajabets online;

Welcome Bonus

Rajabets give a welcome bonus to the newly registered accounts to encourage more customers on their betting platform. One can get a considerable welcome bonus amount of INR 200 upon registration. This is a great tactic to attract more registration to the website. You can only get this welcome bonus amount once upon registration.

How to Avail The Welcome Bonus


You can get the welcome bonus after you register as a new account/customer on Rajabets. Here’s how you can avail of the welcome bonus on registration on Rajabets;

  1. Create an account to register on Rajabets by clicking on the Join Now button you see on the homepage screen.
  2. You have to make a deposit of a minimum of INR 100
  3. After making the deposit, click on the Get Bonus button.

Use this bonus on any game with minimum odds of 1.90. Remember to contact the contact support of Rajabets after following them on Twitter and Instagram to get the welcome bonus transferred into your betting account.

You can look at other equally wonderful promotions that Rajabets offers on their Promotions page. They include;

  1. Instant Cashback for Sports and Casino
  2. Cricket Free Bets
  3. Welcome Sports Bonus
  4. Welcome Casino Bonus
  5. Premier League Cashback 
  6. Esport Free Bet
  7. DOGECoin Deposit Bonus
  8. BetBuddy Bonus 

New promotions corresponding to current leagues and games happening worldwide will appear from time to time for you to take advantage of Rajabets.

Safety and Security at Rajabets

Rajabets was founded in the year 2018 and has been climbing the stakes and popularity in the world of online gambling rapidly. Rajabets is a trustworthy, safe, and secure online betting and gambling site that hosts numerous sports bets, live bets and casinos, casino games, and more.

Their licensed nature ensures the safety and security of Rajabets. It is a licensed online betting and gambling by Curacao and adheres to Indian and global gambling laws.

All methods of payment when you are depositing or withdrawing money on the website are secure and credible. The processing time of transfer and withdrawal of funds does not take more than 3-5 days, depending on the server and bank. Payments methods accepted on Rajabets are recognized worldwide. You can place and withdraw your money bets and win on and from the website through UPI, debit/credit cards, bitcoins, etc. To learn more regarding the regulations and laws Rajabets follows to do their part for a secure and safe online betting and gambling site, you can visit their Responsible Gaming declaration.

Rajabets Mobile App

To enable access to online bets at any moment of time, Rajabets have launched that Android app. The app has stellar performance, an improved interface that makes it easy to place and see predictions, and a fantastic design that is adaptable on any phone.

To download the Android Rajabets app on your phone, you need to venture inside the website, locate the Android App button, click on it and press on download.

To date, there is no iOS app for Rajabets. Let us hope that they launch a Rajabets app compatible with iOS soon so that more users can enjoy the online betting and gambling service they provide.

How to Contact Rajabets Support

To learn more about Rajabets and what it offers to its customers and clients, you can contact Rajabet’s support through multiple channels. If you encounter any trouble or query, you can contact expert support from Rajabets through Live Chat. Other than that, they have active Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook channels to respond to problems and questions from bettors on the online betting site.

Live Chat: Yes – After you venture inside Rajabets, you will see a yellow Chat Now tab below, which will pop up once you click on it.

Telegram Channel :




You can even write to Rajabets on their email for multiple reasons such as doubts, how-tos, marketing, and advertising, along with customer support. Here are the contact channels of Rajabets;

To contact Rajabets for customer support through email, send your inquiries to

To contact Rajabets for marketing and advertising through email, write to

And lastly, if you seek to contact Rajabets regarding financial issues, send your mail to this address this email address

Should I join Rajabets in India?

If you are interested in online betting and gambling and looking for a platform that provides your greater odds of winning when you bet online on Sports, live casinos, and games, then Rajabets is the perfect place for you. In addition, Rajabets also offers you numerous bonuses and promotions that you enjoy upon your registration.

 The gambling and betting site Rajabets is licensed by Curacao, which means you do not have to worry about data leakage and security breach. Rajabets adheres and follows India’s online betting and gambling laws and other countries while providing its services.

If you want to open an online account in Rajabets, here’s a step-by-step process on how to do register, open a betting account, and win Welcome Bonus on Rajabets;

  • Venture inside the Rajabets online betting, gambling and casino website.

  • On the main taskbar on the top of the screen, look to the right, and you will see a Join Now button beside Login. Click on it.
  • You will see a form appear on the screen. Fill in the details correctly, along with your date of birth, name, email address, etc.
  • Press on submit and fulfill the required verification. Read the terms and conditions and agree to the same. Your account will now be created. You will get to choose your username and password through which you can log in on Rajabets.

It is crucial that you input valid details while filling the form. This will prevent any future withdrawal problems. If your account details do not match your payment details, you will not be able to make a withdrawal.

You need to open an account if you want to place bets on Rajabets. The online betting platform has some guidelines and rules that you should adhere to. Before opening an account, you have to be eligible first. You have to be above 18 years of age to open a betting account on the platform. Play your bets wisely, have fun and enjoy your time on Rajabets!